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Posted on October 29th, 2018
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How To Get Free Bitcoin Everyday With Just One App – Pivot Bitcoin

Earning free Bitcoin is real and is paying currently that’s why I want to show you how you can get up to 1 free bitcoin with just an app. Some still don’t believe the possibility of earning free bitcoin online but I want to tell you that it is 100% real. 

I want to welcome you to where we share free tips and guide. In today’s guide, I am going to share with you the app you will use to earn free Bitcoin online and is 100% working for real. If you have read our post on how to get free Bitcoin and you are still unable to earn free bitcoin, this article is here to help you out. All you have to do now is to calm down and read every aspect of this article to start earning free Bitcoin online now.

That being said, permit me to introduce to you “Pivot Bitcoin “

What is Pivot Bitcoin


What is Pivot One Bitcoin

Pivot Bitcoin 

Pivot is a community from China for cryptocurrency investors while Pivot App gives you free bitcoin for reading news, sharing news and inviting friends to join the Pivot community.  When you join the Pivot, you now become a Pivoter and as a Pivoter you stand a chance of enjoying lots of benefits from Pivot One.


Pivot is Invested by Binance LabsHuobiLD CapitalINBlockchain and Link VC.

Considering those investors, Pivot is a platform that we can trust.

How To Sign Up for Pivot Bitcoin  Step by Step

How To Earn Free Bitcoin with Pivot App

Register And Get Free Bitcoin

Signing up for Pivot is very simple and straight forward. It just requires you to follow this easy steps outlined below:

  1. Log in to Pivot Official website
  2. You will get a congratulatory massage
  3. Download and install Pivot App to claim your power
  4. Register with your email or Facebook (I recommend email)
  5. Log in to your account

Now that you have successfully registered on Pivot One, it’s time to start earning from your Pivot App.

How To Earn Free Bitcoin from Pivot App

For you to earn Bitcoin from Pivot App, you have to earn lots of Pivot Power. You can earn Pivot power in different ways of which I am going to discuss later but for now, let us know more about Pivot power.

What is Pivot Power

Pivot Power is the batch of “Daily BTC Bonus”, which determins how much BTC Bonus you can earn everyday. You can earn Power by either reading and sharing posts or by just invite your friends to register for Pivot. For example, if 20000 Power is distributed to all users in one day, and a user gets 100 Power, then the person will receive 0.5% of the BTC in the bonus pool for that day.

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Now that we have known what Power is on Pivot, it is time to earn these Power.

Ways To Earn Power On Pivot One

Just like I said earlier, there are different ways you can earn or get Pivot Power. You can choose anyone that you prefer to use from the options below :

Invite Friends

You can earn free Pivot Power by simply inviting your friends to join the Pivot community. You will be rewarded with 10000 Power for every friend that you invite. That is pretty cool right. Let’s look at other ways of earning Power.

Read Post On Pivot App

You can also earn free Pivot Power by reading post on the Pivot App. Just open a post and read it and after that you just claim your Pivot Power.

Invite Bonus

This is another cool way to earn Pivot Power. You will earn 10% of your friend earning.

Out of all these 3 ways of ways of earning Pivot Power, I think the one you will have to take advantage of is inviting your friends but how will you actually get your referral link ?

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How To get Referral Link on Pivot App

Pivot App may seem a bit complicating to new users and that can make it difficult for new users to locate their referral link but with the steps below, you can do that without any hassle.

  • Open your Pivot App
  • Click on your profile icon
  • Locate refer a friend 
  • Click on Invite my friends

That’s it on how to earn free bitcoin from Pivot App. Just click here now to join.

You can use the comment box for questions and am ever ready to answer you.

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